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The Unstoppable Life Mastermind is an exclusive membership for ambitious, passionate, fiercely driven entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches who are ready to go from micro-influencer to media mogul, turn unpredictable income into regular paychecks, and use their inspiring life stories to make a colossal impact on the world. 

With monthly live coaching calls, expert masterclasses, and in-person retreats — this is a curated club where you’ll get insider access to the proven methods, actionable strategies, and unwavering support you need to start and grow your personal brand & business.

If you’re ready to take your story to the world’s stage and start living the unstoppable life you’ve been dreaming of — this is where you belong.

A Proven Blueprint for Building Your Personal Brand

I won’t lie, y’all – growing your personal brand or business is not always a walk in the park…

There’s that blank feeling when you don’t know what to post…

The paralysis after spiraling down rabbit holes of advice from too many “gurus”…

The frustration of spending hours editing reels and photos that don’t get traction…

Standing around awkwardly at expensive networking events making zero meaningful connections…

Battling distractions, procrastination, and a lack of accountability when you’re trying to stay consistent in growing your brand…

I’ve been there, friend.

Making a name for yourself is hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. And I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING.

But here’s the honest truth…

You can’t do it alone.

Every successful person made a few key connections along the way that got them to where they are today.

That’s why I’m here to help you connect with the right people who can fast-track your success.

Picture yourself on podcasts, stages, and chatting with industry giants about the book you just published.

That’s the future I can help you achieve.
Because I did it myself.

The question is…

Are you ready for that kind of growth?


Gain unshakable confidence that radiates in everything you do

Connect with like-minded, like-hearted peers who want you to succeed

Skyrocket your influence and become a true force in your industry

When you join my mastermind, you’ll tell me about your goals for your income, your influence, and your personal development & health.

Then I’ll open up my playbook and reveal all the secrets and systems you need to reach these goals.

I’m holding nothing back.

Inside my playbook, you’ll find the step-by-step strategies, insider tips, and proven techniques that will propel you to a whole new level.

And you won’t have to figure it all out on your own! I’ll be coaching you every step of the way and helping you make connections with the right people who can help you on your path.

Because as the host of this mastermind…

I only succeed when you do.

That’s why I’m fiercely committed to helping you achieve the goals we set.

About Amberly Lago

Amberly Lago is a leading expert in the field of resilience, transformation, and health and wellness. She is the best-selling author of “True Grit and Grace” and empowers people around the world by sharing the story of how she turned a tragedy into triumph. She is a former professional dancer and athlete bringing a new perspective on what it takes to persevere.

At age 38, Amberly’s life was turned upside down. Hit by a SUV while riding her motorcycle, 34 surgeries to save her leg from amputation and diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome dubbed “the suicide disease,” she knows about how to strengthen resilience because she has lived it. She has been a certified personal trainer, NSCA-CPT and health coach for 24 years.

She shares her passion for turning tragedies into triumphs at exclusive workshops, public events, corporate summits, and schools. She offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and persevere through any of life’s challenges.


It’s Time To Get In The Rooms With The Right People

Hi, I’m Amberly! 

Just 5 years ago, I didn’t even own a laptop, but I had a dream of writing a book. I had never done public speaking and had no social media following. Truthfully, I barely even knew how to post anything on Instagram.

Fast forward to today, I have done a TEDx talk featured on TED, and I get booked to speak every week and was even featured in USA Today as “Top 8 Influential Speakers.”

I have appeared on The TODAY Show, The Doctors TV, Hallmark, and in Health and Shape Magazine. I was featured as the “Top 30 Coaches” in NYC Magazine and featured in Forbes on “How Resilience Can Help You Thrive.”

I have a bestselling book, a podcast ranked Global Top 1% on Apple and grew my following on Instagram from 201 to over 230K and being verified!

I can show you the way because I figured it out!

And more importantly, I’m having the impact, feeling the influence, and experiencing the income beyond my wildest dreams!

I want that for you, too.

You will be surprised how fast it can be done when you have the right strategies and you are around the right people.

Real Connections. Explosive Growth.

I’m in the business of creating success stories. 

So let me tell you why my members become true rockstars.

First off, it’s all about the power of the collective.

When you join my mastermind, you’re stepping into a community of top-tier women who are hungry for success, just like you. These are movers, shakers, leaders, and game-changers blazing their own trails.

And guess what?

You’re tapping into their collective wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections. 

It’s like having your own personal dream team at your fingertips.

But it doesn’t stop there…

I’ve got some serious firepower lined up for you. Expert branders, top speakers, bestselling authors, and elite business coaches will be dropping insider knowledge in our exclusive masterclasses. 

You’ll have direct access to experts like Bedros Keuilian, Kathryn Gordon, Dr. Alok Trivedi, Ken Joslin, Lou Diamond, Cary Jack, Rebecca Zung, Dr. Greg Reid, Lindsay Schwartz and so many more…

These are the folks who know the ins & outs of personal branding, who have made it to the top of their game. They’re here to share their secrets, strategies, and shortcuts to help you skyrocket your success.

And here’s the kicker: it’s not just about the tools, the connections, or the resources….

It’s about the support and encouragement you get from a community that’s got your back every step of the way. 

I carefully handpick a crew of diverse and brilliant minds. A melting pot of talent, where each person brings their own unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. 

The mix is where the magic happens – where collaborations are born, ideas are sparked, and new heights are reached.

Plus… trust, confidentiality, and respect are non-negotiable. 

We’ve created a sanctuary where you can bare your soul, share your wildest dreams, and tackle your biggest challenges without fear of judgment or competition. 

This is the place where we lift each other up, cheer each other on, and celebrate every win (big or small!) together.


Amberly Lago - 2x Bestselling Author of True Grit and Grace

Amberly is the author of True Grit and Grace and the host of a top 1% podcast. She’s on a mission to help women connect, thrive, and share their stories with the world.

What You’ll Get When You Enroll Now

Live Connection Calls

Twice a month, I host live group coaching calls with mastermind members.

Live Monthly Masterclasses & Q&A

Every month, I invite expert branders, top speakers and podcasters, bestselling authors and elite coaches & practitioners to join me for a masterclass and Q&A exclusively for my mastermind group.

1-on-1 Private Coaching Calls

Every month, you’ll get a high intensity 45-minute private coaching call with me to make sure your progress is on track.

2 Live Events Per Year

#1. The Unstoppable Success Summit
You’ll get VIP admission to one of the hottest speaking and networking events of the year.

#2. Private Retreat At Amberly’s Home
An unforgettable 2-day retreat at my home in Texas, where we’ll enjoy one in-person Mastermind Day followed by a day of fun & adventure to let loose and connect with the gang!

Access to The Private Unstoppable Life Mastermind Community

A dedicated space for the “girl gang group” to have discussions that move the needle, share insights and takeaways, and provide daily support for each other.

PLUS Your Brand Igniter Package!

Get A Custom Set of Professional Media Assets To Take Your Brand To The Next Level

LIVE On-Stage Speaking Opportunity

Get ready to shine on a prestigious, multimillion-dollar stage and share your message in front of an energetic audience at the Unstoppable Success Summit

Beautifully Edited Video Assets

From your keynote presentation to share on your social accounts and include in your sizzle reel

On-Stage Action Photos

Gorgeous action shots of you looking like a rockstar to catapult your speaking career

Be A Featured Guest on a Top 1% Podcast

You’ll get a fast-pass to expand your influence with an exclusive guest appearance on Amberly’s True Grit and Grace podcast.

The market value for the Brand Igniter Package is

over $10,000!

This Mastermind is For You If…

This is NOT For You If…

What Your First Year In The Mastermind Includes

12 x Live Expert Masterclass Trainings

24 x Live Connection Calls

12 x Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Amberly

VIP Admission to the Unstoppable Success Summit

Private 2-Day Retreat at Amberly’s Home

Access to The Private Unstoppable Life Mastermind Community

PLUS These Exclusive Mastermind BONUSES

Exclusive Access To Successful Entrepreneurs

As a Mastermind member, you get exclusive access to one of the most coveted resources I’ve collected throughout my career:
My Little Black Book Of Successful Entrepreneurs!

This is my private contact list of incredible industry leaders and mega-influencers I can introduce you to who can help you scale your brand & business.


Yours FREE As A Mastermind Member

Get the Purpose To Profits Program FREE

As a Mastermind member, you get exclusive access to my comprehensive brand-building program, Purpose To Profits.

The brand new Purpose To Profits is the only program of its kind that not only shows you how to build your personal brand from the ground up — but how to market and monetize your brand for colossal impact and long-term success.


Yours FREE As A Mastermind Member

Access to All My Workbooks & Resources

As a Mastermind member, you get access to all my current workbooks and resources on how to be unstoppable – including the Grace, Grit, and Goals Workbook, the Daily Gratitude Journal, The Action Plan Playbook, and much more!


Yours FREE As A Mastermind Member

Signed Copy of True Grit and Grace

As a Mastermind member, you get a hard copy of my book, True Grit and Grace, signed by yours truly and addressed directly to you (or whoever you choose!)


Yours FREE As A Mastermind Member


I created this club to give you the ultimate advantage and to help you expand your brand, influence, and impact so you can dramatically transform your life’s trajectory.
There are a lot of memberships out there that talk big but don’t actually deliver on their promises… 

That’s why I want to make sure that every single member is a perfect fit, protecting the integrity of this amazing group. 

This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill group. I’m all about creating an exclusive community of total rockstars. 

I’m dedicated to helping you succeed and I’ve created a system to help you get there…

But first, I want to make sure this mastermind is right for you. To get started, please complete this 3-Step application.

There are ONLY 15 SPOTS available! And once they’re filled, applications will close. 

So join TODAY!

Apply Below

Click the button below to fill out your application. This brief form allows me to understand a little bit about who you are and what you’re hoping to get out of the mastermind.

Book A Call

We’ll set up a 30-minute Business Evaluation Call so I can learn more about you and your big goals, and see if joining the Mastermind is the perfect next move for you. On this call, I’ll share more information about membership options, answer any questions you have, and help you make the decision that’s right for you.


If we decide that this mastermind is a good fit for you then we’ll process your application and you get access to the mastermind. We’ll add you to our Private Facebook & Instagram groups, and give you all the information to about our upcoming meetings!

A transformational experience.


To make this decision as risk-free as possible for you, I offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied after 90 days you are entitled to a FULL REFUND.


The default schedule for the live group coaching calls are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month.

This is perfect for individuals who are committed to taking their personal brand to the next level. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, collaborate with like-minded women, and receive guidance from top experts, this mastermind is designed for you. It’s for those who crave real connections, seek personal growth, and are willing to put in the work to achieve their goals.

I understand that everyone has unique schedules and responsibilities. My Mastermind is designed to be flexible and accommodating to your lifestyle. While I recommend dedicating time to attend the live connection calls, masterclasses, and participating in the online community, the specific time commitment is up to you. I provide replays and resources that you can access at your own pace, ensuring you have the freedom to participate and grow on your terms.

Absolutely! One of the unique aspects of the Unstoppable Life Mastermind is the opportunity for 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Amberly. You’ll have the chance to connect with her on a personal level, discuss your specific challenges, and receive tailored guidance to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your personal brand goals.

This is an ongoing program designed to provide continuous support and growth opportunities. There is no fixed end date, as personal branding is an ongoing journey. The program is structured with live connection calls, monthly masterclasses, and access to resources and community support. You can choose to participate for as long as you feel it supports your goals and aspirations.